Monday, 2 July 2007

Man on a bike

Welcome to blogworld, then. Yesterday, Greig, Magrao, Christopher Cundy and I were squashed in a cab on the way to Elephant and Castle (we were playing an improvised show for Resonance Fm - more of which later), when a man on a bike tapped on the window, asked if we were Guillemots, and on confirmation of that fact, gave us a cd. Which had us all feeling fairly bemused. But the man and cd in question turned out to be Daniel Pemberton, who, amongst other things, wrote the theme tune - the original, good one - for "Peep Show". Safe to say - a fairly random encounter - I haven't had a chance to listen to the whole cd yet - we were only thrusted it yesterday, but from the bits I have heard so far, I can thoroughly recommend it. The cd's called "TVPOPMUZIK" - by the Daniel Pemberton TV Orchestra. Find out more here..

Not quite sure how he'd managed to see within the cab with such detail to recognise us, but hey - the man obviously has the sight of a falcon.

And yes, getting back to Resonance FM - listen to it.. 104.4 FM in a lot of London - otherwise you can hear it through their site..

Go there.. but the t-shirt .. et cet era.. they have a pretty messed up funding situation which means that whatever money they're given by the Arts Council they have to match in independent funds each year in order to stay on the air. It's one of the few stations around that airs ANYTHING. . anything that anyone on it feels like playing. Not just music either, by any stretch of the imagination. An entirely good thing.

Now back to working out what drumbeat fits this new song...



rolf harris said...

can you tell what it is yet?

einstein said...

no. and i don't need you to tell me rolf.

Amaris said...

Good words.