Tuesday, 3 July 2007


Coffee and recording. They're such a good combination. I'm only having one coffee a day.. you only really need one. The first one. It's a good feeling. . especially when combined with a grilled halloumi and homous sandwhich from Broadway Market. Very fine. It definitely feels like we're making a record now because it's got to that stage where none of us are getting in til 1 in the afternoon because we were all up til 2 or 3 the night before. At which point red wine replaces coffee as the recording drink. There's something about recording at night - you feel like one of the workers in Charlie's Chocolate Factory or something. Secretly working away in the night while most people you know are asleep. Don't really know why I'm posting this. There's plenty of times when recording's stressful but when it's going well it's - well, a nice existence in a world of sound.


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Francesquita said...

I want to be in a band.
I want to feel like I'm working in charlie and the chocolate factory.
I saw some of you in the airport earlier today. I'm sorry for staring at you intently Magroa. I went all nervous and weird when I spoke to you too. It was just a bit surreal, i've been overplaying your music a lot recently, along with the Os Mutantes.
Soa Paolo is beautiful. I like the last 3 minutes of it when it get's really heated. Your music has kind of stunted me getting over Glastonbury and back into the real world though. I saw you at the jazz world stage and it was truely magical. We decided to cue up and get you to sign stuff afterwards and we spoke to Aristazabel about how we also play the double bass and how she is amazing. I met someone at Glastonbury who said he knows your manager too, his name was Paul? I saw you at Somerset house and it was one of the best gigs I've been too.
Sorry if I sound terribly obsessed.
But thankyou for the music, there isn't enough new music with soul around nowadays.