Tuesday, 17 July 2007

more photos

We played here on sunday

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Somerset House.. it was one of our best gigs ever i think. We all came off the stage beaming.. when a gig goes well it's a wonderful feeling. Especially at such a beautiful venue. Not so sure about the beauty of my fat face on a big screen but i was hidden from that on stage..

One of us played twice that night, that man was Alex J. Ward, Guillemots horn-blower, who also played the opening slot his happy-go-lucky jingle-jangle poster duo Dead Days Beyond Help

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..available for children's parties and wedding receptions.. Alex recently used the word "shitheads" when he got cross with a mobile phone company person.. it was a fine moment for anyone who witnessed it

And finally.. . this man manages Guillemots

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Anonymous said...

Does anyone else think there's more than a passing resemblance to Tom Cruise here?!!!! Jo xx

Anonymous said...

took the words right outta my mouth!
haha yeah when he was going through his beardy phase!! :P


Nick said...

*tuurns head for pictures*

ohh lovely...

twas awsome stuff.

fyfe can you be the priest at my wedding???



Álex Vidal said...

Hi all!

Just saw your show in Barcelona on Saturday 13th and love it. See you when you come back to play at the Ciutat Comtal (catalan "surname" for Barcelona).

Keep rocking the world! :D

picnic4u said...
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picnic4u said...

It was the best Gig ever..... How about turning it into a live DVD???

picnic4u said...

It was an excellent night enjoyed by the whole family we are desperate to see it again and know it was filmed , any chance it will be a ' Guillemotts live at somerset house' DVD??? I know many who would buy it

Anonymous said...

I lost your concert in the summercase Barcelona...I've arrived among Trains to Brazil...I'm so sad...

yaniv said...

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ele said...

mahaha your manager rules.
i said RUUULES!